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Department of Chemistry Graduate Chemical Society

So, you’re a chemistry graduate student?

We’re here to help you feel welcome in the department and stay sane while you’re here.

At least, we can probably help–the odds are ever in our favor if you need the following:

  • Questions that are important to ask when going to a prospective grad school
  • Information on life in Pullman, WA
  • Information on the WSU chemistry graduate student experience
  • Social activities to fill in your schedule
  • The occasional free lunch
  • Help with your graduate courses
  • Help in preparing for your preliminary exam or thesis defense
  • Constructive input on your research

GCS is your source for info on the Chemistry department from a student’s perspective. Have questions? Just ask!

We’re also the source of organized social events for the Chemistry graduate students. Have an idea for a fun group activity that GCS can coordinate? Tell us!