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Department of Chemistry Graduate Chemical Society

About Us

The Graduate Chemical Society at WSU is committed to improving the social and academic life of chemistry graduate students.To fill out our social schedule and ensure that no one buries themselves in the lab 24/7, the GCS organizes and sponsors activities such as barbecues, social evenings out, and departmental events. GCS can also arrange to have intramural sports teams.

The GCS has its own library on the ground floor of Johnson Tower (108W) which is available to graduate students for studying, meetings, and social gatherings. Students have access to the books and handouts needed for classes and preliminary exam preparation; as well as a quiet area to study alone or in groups away from common distractions (such as professors or undergraduates).

The GCS Constitution and Bylaws are online.

GCS Officers 

Peyton Nosbusch

Peyton Nosbusch, President

Peyton is entering her third year as an Analytical Chemistry Ph.D. student. She is a member of Dr. Clowers’ research group where she works with Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS). She is currently working on the the detection of THC from human volunteers.


Zac Gotlib, Vice President

Coming soon: info about Zac!


Michael Martinez, Secretary

Coming soon: info about Michael!

Brad Roberts, Treasurer

Coming soon: info about Brad!


Guy DutechPR Officer

Coming soon: info about Guy!