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Department of Chemistry Graduate Chemical Society

Don’t have enough funds to attend a conference? GCS can help!

In addition to funding our events, our biannual fundraisers also pay for travel grants available to chemistry department graduate students.

If you want to attend a conference and fulfill the following conditions, you may be eligible for a travel grant of up to $500 from GCS:

  • Graduate student from the Department of Chemistry and currently working toward completion of a Masters/PhD in Chemistry
  • Your PI/advisor will not be covering the full costs of your trip
  • You have been involved in volunteering with GCS in the past year

Applications for the grant can be found here: GCS Travel Grant Application

Because we need to be able to verify your fulfillment of the above, please be sure to include a statement from your advisor indicating what on your trip will not be covered, receipts to show proof of travel costs, and verify that GCS has proof of your volunteering time in our records. In some cases, we may also request that you include a copy of your unofficial transcript to verify enrollment in the Chemistry graduate degree program.

Another resource accessible to all WSU graduate students are travel reimbursements provided by GPSA, which provides funds of up to $2000 for domestic travel and $4000 for international travel per student in a given year. See GPSA’s website for more details.